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Finnegans Wake
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Fenris (PvE)
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Hello and Welcome to the Finnegans Wake Homepage! We are a fun, active, close-knit guild that focuses on progression raiding with online friends, pushing new content where we can. We're also into guild heroic dungeons, questing, and scenarios. 

Members of the Guild who do not yet have an account with the website - please make one!

If you are not yet a part of the Guild and would like to be, you can fill out an application by clicking the link above.

Guild History

We began as a more casual raid group in the guild Its Just a Game, managing in just a few weeks of new raid leadership, to reach the #3 spot on the realm for Guild Progression.

Shortly afterwards, however, the majority of us were kicked from the guild, and we decided to form Finnegan's Wake - A group of friends that raid 3-4 times each week for gear, achievements, and glory.


We are currently seeking:

A Prot Pally with a geared Offspec (preferably Ret) for our main raid group.

A Warlock or Hunter to be a part of the amazing Rdps that we have.

A Resto druid with an Offspec for our back-up group, as one of our main healers (also a resto druid) may not be able to make it for some raids.

Basic Rules

In raid during trash, try to give the tank a second before you begin attacking so that you don't get aggro and take unnecessary damage.

On bosses, give the tank at least 2-3 seconds before attacking so he can build sufficient threat.

Be prepared! Make sure to bring your own Prepots/Flasks/Stat food to each raid, incase we don't have any available.

Try to log on a few minutes before the raid to ensure that you arrive at the portal on-time.

Generally, we raid Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 9 to 11 pm server time.

Guild News
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Getting Ready to Raid!

Magidoom, Oct 6, 12 9:31 AM.
We have 6 of our raiders currently at 90, and another 2 at 89!
Prot Pally1
Resto Druid1
So-and-so has logged on!